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Choose a digital printing machine that suits you

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At present, there are dozens of manufacturers of digital printing machines at home and abroad. For detailed information on how to choose the right digital printing machine, this article will analyze the following aspects.

一、First: digital printing nozzle

The nozzle is the core of digital printing equipment. Due to the particularity of textile digital printing, there is currently no nozzle in the world, which can be perfectly applied to any type of digital printing.

Let's take a look at some of the top nozzles on the market today:

1.Kyocera nozzle: The number of nozzle holes is 2656 holes, the droplet size is 5, 7, 12PL, and the gray level variable point frequency is 30KHZ. It is the nozzle with the highest injection frequency. The nozzle length is 110mm. This nozzle was originally used in water-based inks, so it is more suitable for water-based inks for textile printing.

2.Ricoh Gen5: The number of nozzles is 1280, the size of the ink drops is 7, 14, 21PL, the gray level is 20KHZ, and the length of the nozzle is 55mm. This nozzle was originally used in UV, and the adaptability to textile water-based ink was relatively poor.

3.Star nozzle SG1024: The number of nozzle holes is 1024 holes, and the droplet size is 11PL. If the gray level printing is used, the frequency is only about 10KHZ, the moving speed of the nozzle car is relatively low, and the overall printing efficiency is low.

4.epson5113 nozzle, the number of nozzles reaches 3200 holes, is a widely used nozzle, printing speed is fast and stable.

From the point of view of equipment manufacturers, domestic and foreign first-class digital printing equipment manufacturers: Some foreign equipment manufacturers mainly use Kyocera nozzles; Durst uses Ricoh nozzles; some domestic manufacturers also use Starlight nozzles SG1024, and mainly used for coating ink printing.

二、Second: the output of a single machine

1. Mistakes in the number of PASS

Some irresponsible equipment manufacturers often mislead the production of machine PASS (1-PASS) printing as a production output to the customer during the promotion. After the customer purchases, in the actual digital printing production of the machine, the single PASS (1-PASS) printing can not meet the printing requirements, which brings great losses to the customers and has a negative impact on the digital printing industry. In fact, for digital printing equipment all over the world, ordinary digital printing requires 3-4 PASS, large-area color printing requires 6-8 PASS, and only a small number of small patterns can be completed with 2 PASS.

2. Number of nozzles

As far as current technology is concerned, 8-16 nozzles are the best configuration for digital printing machines. If the number of nozzles increases, the stability control of the equipment system becomes complicated. For example, 32 Ricoh Gen5 nozzles have more control complexity than 16 Kyocera nozzle systems, system stability is worse, and equipment maintenance is more difficult. Not only that, the actual production output of 32 Ricoh Gen5 nozzles is only equivalent to about 80% of the output of 16 Kyocera nozzles.

Third: the professionalism of the equipment manufacturer

From two aspects, it is very straightforward to see if the equipment manufacturer's products are professional.

1. From the appearance of the machine, whether the appearance of the machine is open, whether the operator can operate easily, whether the design of all aspects meets the operational requirements of the human body.

2. In addition to observing the performance of the device, it is also necessary to observe whether the feeding system, the washing system and the belt movement system of the device are perfectly matched.

Fourth: technical service team?

As a high-tech equipment, digital printing equipment is very important for the equipment manufacturer's research and development capabilities and after-sales service capabilities.

Finally, suggestions for equipment manufacturers in China to choose digital printing:

? As far as current printing technology is concerned, China and the world are in sync. From the past few years, domestic digital printing has been almost at the same level as the world. However, due to the higher cost performance, domestically produced equipment will bring more benefits to customers than imported equipment. Therefore, users are advised to integrate more digital printing equipment. In terms of comparison, the following two points deserve special attention.

1. From the point of view of the nozzle: If you choose the same nozzle, the nozzle is the same whether it is domestic or imported. Although the imported equipment in the past represents an image with higher automation, more stability and more advanced design concepts, in the current market, whether it is imported equipment or domestic equipment, mechanical electronics itself has relatively few problems. The key is the nozzle.

2. From the perspective of user cost and maintenance cost: the cost of using imported equipment is high, and the price of ink is generally twice that of domestic ink. In addition, imported equipment inks can not fully meet the requirements of the Chinese market, regardless of color or supply cycle. In terms of after-sales service, domestic equipment manufacturers can solve the problem within 24 hours, and imported equipment manufacturers are difficult to get.


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