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What are the features of FEDAR TC1932 digital printing machine?

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1. High-precision fine-milling platform: The assembly precision of the machine printing platform is controlled within plus or minus 7.5 wires, laying the foundation for high-precision and high-quality shipments;

2. The unique pressure paper roller separate lifting device, at any time to deal with the phenomenon of partial paper druming during the printing process;

3. Planting steel sand process paper shaft: improve paper accuracy, and effectively avoid stepping slip or damage fabric when direct spraying;

4. Paper suction fan: the use of imported quality strong paper suction fan, the board supports the wind size adjustment, flexible response to different thickness of the printing material, improve printing accuracy;

5. Maintenance station reflector: It is convenient to check whether there are impurities on the surface of the nozzle during maintenance, which is convenient for cleaning operation;

6. Small frame: Independent research and development of double-head stitching adjustment, the vertical alignment of the nozzle, simple and convenient to operate; the height of the nozzle can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the printing material of different thickness can be flexibly coped with the local gold color matching;

7. Ink stack: equipped with the most advanced intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device, providing safe and convenient nozzle cleaning and maintenance functions, and more convenient operation and maintenance;

8. High-strength aluminum alloy frame: to avoid shaking during the printing process, improve machine stability, and ensure high-precision output screen;

9. Guide rail: Adopt Taiwan's silver guide rail to ensure the smooth running of the machine and ensure the high-precision output of the picture;

10. Motor: Servo and stepping adopt servo-brushless integrated motor, high-precision drive linear decoding, higher precision, smaller error and more stable operation;

11. The constant pressure secondary ink supply device ensures that the ink level is constant during the printing process, so that the ink jet pressure of the nozzle is constant, and the stability of the equipment for a long time is improved;

12. Ink cartridge: four 1.5L ultra-large capacity ink cartridges are continuously supplied with ink continuously, which provides guarantee for long-term continuous work of the equipment;

13. Double-powered paper collecting and rewinding system ensures that the left and right sides of the paper take the same pulling force, and the winding is neat and not biased;

14. Original two-dimensional intelligent feathering function and wave feathering function, good to eliminate BANDING in printing, perfect quality perfect improvement;

15, TC1932 paper shaft diameter is &20, the paper feeding accuracy is 20% higher than the general paper axis;

16, TC1932 intelligent wind-heat integrated dryer, unique upper and lower two-stage heating, intermediate warm air, intelligent start-stop technology to ensure more energy-saving while drying;

17, TC1932 small frame on both sides of the anti-scratch paper function, reduce the damage caused by the paper lift;

18, support the latest Monta 6.0 version of the driver, support for continuous printing (optional);

19. Fedar system uses Gigabit network card to send data, which can realize 1 computer to control 2 printers;

20, anti-mite paper, scraping paper sensing function, reduce the damage caused by scraping of the nozzle;

21, the nozzle data line is equipped with a humanized sponge protection design to reduce the accidental damage of the nozzle caused by flying ink;

22. The ink chain adopts the Yigs open chain imported from Germany, which is convenient for after-sales maintenance.


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