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Why choose the FEDAR digital printing machine? These advantages are the key points.

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With the popularity of the printing industry, more and more people are entering the printing industry. There are many kinds of printing equipment in the printing industry. Why do many people choose digital printing machines? Then you have to mention these outstanding advantages of digital printing machines.

Easy to operate

Compared with the traditional printing equipment, the digital printing machine adopts an intelligent operating system, the whole process is automated and industrialized, no manual operation is required, and only to use the computer for quick drawing. In the case of Fedar digital printing machine, the equipment is equipped with secondary ink supply system, intelligent dryer, unique two-dimensional intelligent feathering function, variable voltage, anti-mite paper function, etc., starting from the details to ensure the intelligent and humanized operation of the printing machine.

Green Eco-Friendly

The digital printing machine uses the inkjet on-demand method to carry out the inkjet printing process, and the ink is fully applied in the whole process, which reduces the waste of ink and saves the cost. At the same time, the ink used in the digital printing machine is environmentally friendly ink with no pollution, low energy consumption and high environmental protection, and it is harmless to the human body.

In line with development trends

With the differences in personalization, “private customazition” will surely become a new trend in the future. The digital printing machine adopts advanced printing and dyeing technology, the characteristics of digital printing process is simple, low pollution, low consumption, high added value and flexible production. It conforms to the trend of green, environmental protection and sustainable development, and also caters to the fast fashion style of batch, multi-variety and short delivery period is in line with the transformation and development of the future printing and dyeing industry.


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