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how to choose printing ink

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How to choose printing ink, the choice of printing ink generally has three points.

The first point is the choice of the color of the printed ink. According to the customer's needs and the type of fabric, you can choose four-color ink, six-color ink, eight-color ink and so on. Generally, the more ink colors, the better the color saturation and color effect of the print, and also directly determine the color type of the printer.

The second point is the type of printing ink. Printing inks generally include reactive inks, acid inks, dispersing inks, paint inks, and the like. The type of ink is generally selected according to the material of the fabric, and the ink which is well colored for the fabric and has good color performance is a good choice.

The third point is the choice of ink brand and model. In general, ink is developed for the brand and model of the nozzle. When selecting ink, pay attention to whether it is suitable for the nozzle model of the printer. In addition, the fluency, vividness, degree of fixation, and environmental protection of the ink are all aspects to be considered in ink selection.


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