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What reasons cause the large difference of price among Digtal Printing Machine?

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The photo machine manufacturer tells what reasons causes the large difference of price among Digtal Printing Machine:


1. Different manufacturers have different pricing strategies

Different digital printing machine manufacturers, their reputation and brand are different, if one manufacturer has high brand awareness and good reputation, his T-shirt printing machine price is naturally higher.

2. The quality of different manufacturers' machines is also different

Different manufacturers produce with the same type of machine, the quality is still very different, good quality machine must be made of good raw materials, good parts, development of cattle X, rigorous assembly, excellent quality inspection, demanding Test and other aspects of the superimposed effect, any of these links are piled up by money, so the price of good quality digital printing machine is naturally higher.

3. Even with the same configuration of machine, the effects printed by different manufacturers' machines are different.

The same configuration of the same model, even if you print an identical picture, but the printing effects by different manufacturers' machines are very different. All of us likes good things, but a good digital printing machine which can produce a good effect is naturally higher.

4. The operating costs of different manufacturers are also different

The factors affecting the operating costs of the factory are various, such as: rent, labor, efficiency, quality, raw materials, etc. These costs will eventually be paid by  consumers in another way, so the price of digital printing machines in factories with higher operating costs naturally Higher.


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